Interactive Web/API based service to download microclimate data

We provide microclimatic data for ecological forecasting. The data describe microclimates and vegetation for the past and the future at spatial and temporal resolutions of 36 km (approximately 0.3°) and 1 h, respectively. Levy et al. (2016) used the Weather Research & Forecasting model to downscale published, bias-corrected predictions of a global-circulation model from a resolution of 0.9° latitude and 1.25° (approximately 100 km in latitude and 130 km in longitude). Output from this model was used as input for a microclimate model, which generated temperatures and wind speeds as well as soil temperatures for 1980-1999 and 2080-2099 at various heights, as well as soil temperatures at various depths and shade intensities. We also predicted the percentage of green vegetation and the percentage of shade given the angle of the sun.

Below we detail the available microclimate data and access via a web interface and API.




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